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There and Back Again - The Siouxon Trail

Between turning 30 and a weight loss challenge, i decided to get back to my youth and go backpacking.

However, since my Dad is no longer here to come along, I took the next best things, my husband and my best friend Chelsea.


Oh yeah and a happy, overweight, cute trail dog!


After searching through blogs, websites, and maps, i decided that we were going to check out the Siouxon trail. The posts said “easy - moderate” and the promise of waterfalls is always a plus for me. After sorting my old gear and purchasing some new, I organized it all well enough to safely bring my beloved Nikon with me as well.

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I had so much fun, I forgot my camera.

So walking around ComicCon in full armor makes it VERY difficult the take pictures of all the awesome costumes I saw. However, I did take it out drinking and when I went in plainclothed on Sunday. Here are some of my favorites!

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Why I love geeks

This weekend was the perfect example of why I love geek culture, and why it’s completely awesome for families as well.

For the first time, my husband, daughter, and I decided to head up to Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle, WA. I had been to a few smaller conventions before, but nothing this large. We even made our own costumes. I absolutely LOVE Skyrim, so i fashioned myself some Dragonscale armor out of craft foam and duct tape.

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A drunken stumble

My husband and I decided that today deserved a nice cold beer, and a big fattening plate of garlic fries. After we demolished the food we headed for our cars, we drove separate since we met up after work. While walking back to my truck I realized that something had changed. WHERE WAS THE RAIN!

We live in the pacific northwest, when it is not raining we begin to panic. Also everything tends to be wet, weather you like it or not (ill get to this later). I looked to the west and saw this amazing sunset.

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I sit at a desk all day staring at plans and specifications, breaking them down and putting prices to it. There is no creativity, there is no art, just technical terms and straight lines.

I grew up where our family vacations were spent out in the forest and mountains where we live. We did not have money to pack up and go state to state or fly to exotic places. I found out that you can find the beauty in anything if you look at it correctly.

My dad taught me to believe in myself with anything I do, even if people tell me it is impossible. He passed a little over a year and a half ago. I miss him, I try not to show it because I feel that I have to be strong to help support my mother and my brother. I never really learned how to express myself. I would try to write, draw, paint, sculpt. Nothing really felt right to me. 

 I finally found something that I can express myself with. Well technically my husband found me the perfect medium where I can be creative and tell a story.

It started with a little Fuji pocket camera and a trip to Hawaii. Once our little girl was born, he upgraded me to a Nikon D80. My obsession began. I got books, and would spend hours researching online to know every inch and dial of that camera (that was the engineer side of me). After 4 years with that wonderous machine, he got me my brand spanking new Nikon D7000 and multiple new lenses.

So here I am, a little unprofessional photographer stepping into a whole new world to share what I see. Let’s hope I don’t get crushed!